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The Fourth Age of Middle Earth:
It's a new dawn, it's a new age. Who will rule Middle Earth?

Hordes of The Things (HoTT) Pyramid Event
Three Rounds (minimum 14 AP's per command for final battle)

15mm Themed HoTT Beginner Campaign
Start time: 11 am

11 am - Round 1 (1 hour)
12:30 pm - Round 2 (1.5 hours)
2:30 pm - Round 3 (2 hours)
Players 8-24 - Scale 15mm Format - Pyramid Variant - Board: 24", 48", 72"GMs: John Loy and Tom Graves Sponsor: GLADBAG

We continue this year with the Pyramid Campaign format as it lends itself well to both a good learning experience for new players and a rarely used format that experienced players appreciate and enjoy. In the Pyramid campaign format the first round is composed of one vs. one HoTT battles, after which the two players join forces in a doubles format, in the 2nd round with their remaining elements, and in the 3rd round, a large 4 on 4 Big Battle HoTT format. The victor of each round serves as the C in C for the team in each later round. We encourage players that are interested in HoTT, but have never played to try this event. Many loaner armies with Middle Earth themes will be available.
In this campaign, we will be matching opponents based on the number of elements remaining in the armies. This means that opponents that get in there and really bang heads with their opponents will not be disadvantaged against rivals that carefully pick off their opponent's general to maximize elements available for later rounds. This will tend to match aggressive commanders against each other as well as cautious generals against each other. In the final round only, there will be a minimum of 7 elements available from each command, so even aggressive or unlucky commanders will not be without teeth in the final round.

Beginners are welcome and we will make every effort to match experienced players with new/less-experienced players for a training game in round one. New players will also be matched up with these experienced players throughout the campaign and so will have a mentor throughout to help them out with rules, tactics, and strategy.This year's event focuses on The Fourth Age of Middle Earth. The end of the Third Age has shattered old alliances of both good and evil. In the Fourth Age of Middle Earth you must find new allies and defeat new enemies. In this, anything goes, pyramid event, the concepts of good and evil will be re-written by the victors. Orcs and Elves, Dwarves and Goblins, or Men and Monsters all might take the field as allies or enemies. Bring any 24 AP army with a Middle Earth theme and battle it out to be the 'One Ruler' of Middle Earth. Can you lead your people to victory or will you end up as the minions of a greater power?


First round uses standard 1 on 1 HoTT rules, round 2 uses HoTT's one main army and one allied army rules with all teams assumed to be a primary army and an ally. The 3rd and final rounds will use BB HoTT rules.

Scoring will also be slightly modified this year, as points will be awarded per player and not per side. It will be based on HoTT points and one side must cause 12 or more points of damage to defeat their opponent. These point will be tie-breakers. Remember win-loss record is the primary factor in final placement, points are a tiebreaker.

Because it requires 50% casualties to break a HoTT army, each round, a player may choose to replace up to one half of the total AP's lost in the previous rounds battle. These are half of the AP's lost for each army playing, rounded up. So, if in round one the winner lost 5 AP's and the loser 12 AP's. Then the winning army would replace 3 AP's and the losing army 6 AP's. If the AP's cannot be replaced exactly, then round down to the nearest element. So, in the above example, where the winner replaces 3 AP's, if he had lost a Behemoth and a horde, he could not replace the Behemoth (as he can only replace 3 AP) and would, unfortunately, only be able to replace the horde. If his loses had been a Cleric and a Blade, he could choose to replace either for the next round.

If you have questions, please feel free to email me at the email address listed here:
All HoTT armies are eligible, if they have a reasonable Middle Earth theme.